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Domain name registration,

We will register and host your domain name on your behalf and ensure that renewal will take place annually

web hosting

Geekworkx has many web hosting packages to suit your requirements to host your site. We host sites using both Windows based and Linux based systems.

We provide feature-rich and scalable & flexible hosting solutions. You can also choose to host your website on our servers based in India or our US based servers or you can decide to host your site on both the servers. Our web team has expertise to work with you to determine the best hosting solution suited to your needs and requirements.

Web applications

Today, getting your business networked is essential to remain competitive and be in touch with local and global developments. What better way to do so than to deploy a Web-based application as part of your business process?

Web applications are database-driven sites that can serve a variety of functions. They can effectively communicate vital and up-to-date information about your products or services to both end-users and clients.

We design, develop and deploy secure and scalable Web-based applications for you. We will handle all aspects from Web and Internet fundamentals to drafting the requirements list, database design, creating the database-driven pages, implemeting security mechanisms, integrating with e-mail, data reporting, graphing etc.

You would be able to use the application to easily generate documents or reports on the fly, make changes to your web content, manage your e-commerce site, or mount a marketing campaign - as long as you have a browser and a connection to the Internet!

Web casting

We provide our clients innovative and creative media webcasting . In the process they gain a competitive edge in promoting their messages, products and services globally. products & services across the globe.

Search engine optimization,

Geekworkx incorporates goal oriented Search Engine Optimization services to achieve higher search engine rankings. We are experienced experts who prepare a structured and measurable business promotional campaign that incorporates all the factors involved in SEO process to deliver an effective online presence for your business.

eCommerce solutions

E-Commerce means doing business electronically. Your website is your online Business team working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and requires one time investment. You donít have to issue fat pay cheques for this business team but once itís all settled it shall continue to reap extraordinary benefits for your business. If you are starting a new business selling products, we can set up an online product database for your end users to browse and to purchase. If currently you only sell offline, Geekworkx can help you to expand on your business by creating online eCommerce for you.

We set up online credit card purchasing facilities, book request forms, design your database, store front and administration interface, program your website to interact with the database, set up your website with a payment processor and also host your site.

Customized business solutions

You have a small business with a few employees. You see the need to disseminate your product information quickly and efficiently. You see the opportunities to increase sales via the Internet but you do not have dedicated technical staff. Your competitors are online. Your customers are asking if they can make purchases from your Web site. You want to be able to accept orders as well as inquiries through the Internet. So, what should you do?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is very important for enterprises, no matter big or small, to constantly find new ways to compete and to rethink the way business are done.

Geekworkx specialize in helping businesses to reap the benefits from the advent of the Internet by offering consultation, online marketing, web application development, web hosting and e-commerce services.

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