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                                        About Dispur Hospitals School of Nursing


Dispur Hospitals School of Nursing is established in 2013 with an aim to prepare student nurses with a sound educational programme in nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.


Our Philosophy:

Nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educative process in meeting the health needs of the individuals, the family and the community. Nursing is one of the health professions which functions in conjunction with other health care agencies in assisting individuals, families and communities to achieve and maintain desirable standards and maintain desirable standards of health. The faculty of this school believes that the professional Nursing Diploma Course based and built on sound scientific educational theory and practice, prepare our students to provide comprehensive care with the compassion to all individuals of various age groups, in all health care agencies and function effectively as a team member.

            We recognize the need for all round development of our students and shoulder the responsibilities in various levels of nursing positions in future and as citizen.

            We also feel the need in developing a scientific and research attitude and ability to meet the issues and challenges confronting the nursing profession today.

            We also recognize the need for the preparation of nursing leadership to enhance nursing image and practice.

Quality policy:

Dispur Hospitals School of Nursing is committed to fulfill the responsibility in helping the students to develop pride in their profession besides keeping them abreast with current knowledge and professional treads for a successful career ahead.

We recognize that each student is unique and we are committed for continual improvement in our teaching method to provide high standard of nursing education for ensuring a high level of student satisfaction in terms of educational facilities.



1.      To build up a strong health care infrastructure system through a high standard of Nursing education.

2.      To produce Nurses with the idea of entrusting greater responsibility and leadership in the implementation of various Health Programmes in Accor dance with the modern technology & advance information system.

3.      To impart value base training in nursing science.

4.      To provide expanded nursing services in rural and remote areas.

5.      To overcome the death of qualified nurses in the state and in the region.

6.      To demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal and professional life.

7.      To demonstrate interest in activities of professional organization.

8.      To recognize the need for continuing education for professional development.

9.      To meet the hopes and aspirations of qualified girls for undergoing nursing training.

10.   To prepare nurses to keep pace with latest professional and technological developments and use these for providing nursing care service.

11.  To assist in research activities.



Duration: 3 years




1.      Bio-sciences

2.      Behavioural sciences

3.      Fundamentals of Nursing

4.      Community Health Nursing I

5.      English

6.      Computer Education

7.      Co-curricular activities



1.      Medical-Surgical Nursing I

2.      Medical-Surgical Nursing II

3.      Mental Health Nursing

4.      Child Health Nursing

5.      Co-curricular activities



1.      Midwifery & gynaecological Nursing

2.      Community Health Nursing II

3.      Co-curricular activities



1.      Nursing Education

2.      Introduction to research & statistics

3.      Professional trends and adjustment

4.      Nursing administration and ward management



a.     Library

The Dispur Hospitals School of Nursing has a full-fledged library with latest books, journals, magazines and newspapers on nursing and other general topics.

b.    Nursing Practice Laboratory

It is well equipped with modern teaching aids such as CPR manikin with monitor, multi-functional nursing manikin, injectable training arm model.

c.      Pre-clinical Science Laboratory

It has advanced Anatomical Model viz. Human skeleton, male muscle figure and brain with arteries, unisex torso with (23parts) and anatomical human anatomy charts.


d.    Community Health Laboratory

It is a full equipped set-up for the community based practice.

e.      Nutrition Laboratory

It has facilities for imparting basic knowledge about food and how to prepare food for the healthy as well as for the sick.

f.      Computer Laboratory

It is furnished with modern technology such as laptop, LCD projector and printer laser jet and internet facility.

g.     Maternal & Child Health Laboratory

It is equipped with modern nursing training models viz, pelvis, skull, magnified uterus model, development process for fetus and delivery training model and with different play materials.

h.    Hostel Facility

Provided with comfortable and secured accommodation for the students, safe water, electricity and transport facility.

i.       Co-Curricular Activities

Provide opportunities for developing and creating an all rounder.


a.       International Nurses’ Day 2013 (12th May 2013)

b.      Freshers’ Social 2013 ( 9th November 2013)

c.       1st Annual School week 2014 ( 6th to 12th January 2014)

d.      Lamp lighting ceremony 2014 (22nd March)

e.     International Nurses’ Day 2014 (12th May 2014)

f.      Freshers’ Social 2014 (27th Sep 2014)

g.     2nd Annual School Week 2014 (24th to 29th Nov 2014)

h.    Lamp Lighting Ceremony for second batch (7th Jan 2015)

i.     International Nurses’ Day 2015 (12th May 2015)


Dispur Hospitals School of Nursing

Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-781006

Kamrup, Assam

Ph No: 9864028343 (Office)

email: dispurnsgs@gmail.com


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