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Two national parks, a village on the banks only accessible from the river where no four-wheeler has ever treaded, market place or local bazaars are but a few attractions in this 7 night cruise. Moving upstream of the city of Guwahati, you will soon find yourself lost in the vastness of this great river.

Day 1: Arrive Guwahati and before embarking on Bir Lachit visit the holy Kamakhya temple situated atop Nilachal Hill. This is one of the most important ‘shakti’ or tantric temples of India. There is a small but neatly maintained World War II  Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in the city which we will visit and then on to the vessel. We sail upstream till dusk and moor on the north bank.

Day 2: Sail most part of the day, going past low hills and reaching Ganesh Pahar (the Hill of Lord Ganesha), hooting as we go past, paying obeisance to the rock cut figure of Lord Ganesha – the local legend has it that Lord Ganesha protects all those that sail past these hills. It is, in a way, quite relevant that you need to battle against strong currents in these very parts as the navigable channel is narrow and the flow of the river is swift. We disembark and walk through a village that hasn’t seen a four wheeler as there are no roads to let one enter it. We also visit the hill with the rock cut figure of Lord Ganesha and a simple but holy shrine.

Day 3: Another day of sailing most of the day, breaking our voyage by visiting a bankside village. Early risers may view the great Himalayas in the distance towards the north before the sun is too high in the sky. We stop for the night mooring at a sand bank.

Day 4: Early start today as we enter a side channel and sail some distance to land at the Orang National Park.  Look out for the Himalayas in the north. Closer to your boat you may spot dolphins in the river. We take a jeep safari in this rarely visited park, home to the rhino, deer, elephants and an interesting variety of birds. Returning to Bir Lachit, we continue sailing upstream till dusk.

Please note if we do not find a channel from this area, we sail on to Tezpur and do Nameri national park instead of Orang NP. Options are trekking/ rafting in Nameri NP.     

Day 5: Sailing upstream we land at Tezpur. Visit Cole Park with stone carvings from the 11-12th Century AD collected from all around the town and surrounding areas. From here we drive a short distance to the 6th century temple ruins of Da Parbatia with a beautifully carved doorway.  Ride cycle rickshaws through the bazaars of Tezpur and return to Bir Lachit.

Option to disembark at Tezpur today. This will make it a 4 N/ 5 D itinerary.  

Day 6: Continuing upstream we sail under the long bridge across the river and moor at Silghat on the slopes of low hills covered with teak plantations. If time permits we will take a walk between the river and the hills – butterflies abound here – and come upon an old cave temple. PM drive out to Kaziranga National Park, take jeep safari inside. Kaziranga is a World Heritage Site and the best place in the world to see the Indian One-horned Rhinoceros. Other wild life like wild elephant, deer, buffalo and birds make this park a favorite for wild life enthusiasts.

Day 7: Today at the crack of dawn we board our vehicles and drive for about an hour to Kaziranga’s Central Range for an elephant safari, get close to the rhino and other wild life. Mid day we stroll through a village inhabited by the Mising tribe and then walk for sometime along a tea estate  before taking our lunch at a lodge. PM ride open jeeps as we jaunt through the little visited Eastern Range before returning to the boat.

Day 8: Disembark and drive 5 hours to Guwahati airport/ or 2 ½ hr transfer to Jorhat airport.

Itinerary subject to river conditions


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