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The River Brahmaputra


The Brahmaputra, called the Tsangpo in Tibet from where it originates, is one of the longest rivers in the world. 

It cuts through Assam from east to west and connects most of the region’s attractions and is in itself an attraction. For centuries, before the arrival of mechanized modes of transportation, the river formed the primary mode of transportation to and from Assam. Over the last few decades Brahmaputra has fallen into relative disuse because of availability of other modes of transportation.

While the river may no longer be the preferred mode of transportation for regular day to day travel, its is still, without any doubt, the most interesting way of exploring Assam. India’s longest river, the Brahmaputra (1800 miles) is navigable for most of its course. It flows through some of the most interesting places in the eastern part of India, including the world famous Majuli Island, the wide expanses of tea gardens, Kaziranga National Park, Sibsagar, the erstwhile capital of the Ahoms.


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